“Creates a stirring spell… Combines centuries-separated styles to a new admirable listening experience… A refreshing, extraordinary listening pleasure”

Donau Kurier – Germany


“hip and approachable… majestically sublime beauty… marvelous!” (Dan McClenaghan)


“ingenious… ethereal moments of true beauty and genius” (C. Michael Bailey)


“stunning… (Mozart) surely would consider (this) hip if he revisited the planet to jam with them.”

JazzNotes (Ken Franckling)


“This quartet is on to something quite marvelous: a hybrid interplay between jazz and classical music – even opera – that should please fans of both genres, and expose the separatists to the virtues of each form…delightful…”

JazzNotes (Ken Franckling)


delightful… rich… delicious… dramatic… brilliant… Fans with open ears will be rewarded by hearing these outstanding performances.”

AllMusicGuide (Ken Dryden)


“…a superb marriage of jazz and classical music. Burgstaller’s tone on trumpet is gorgeous and expressive… The virtuosity of these group of musicians allows them to played with comfort either jazz, latin jazz or classical.”

JazzTimes (Wilbert Sostre)


‘…the entire album can serve as something of a compendium of fusion approaches that have achieved wide currency, as a suggestion for new directions, and as a superior instrumental performance in itself, with Burgstaller’s quiet trumpet stylings. Recommended, and enjoyable…’


“very engaging music, beautifully crafted and likely to please both the jazz and classical listener. Compare it perhaps with Jacques Loussier, The Swingle Singers or Lalo Schiffrin, all of whom have successfully brought the classical and jazz families together.”

Jazz Society of Oregon


“remarkable, incredibly played and delightful”

KUNC 91.5 (Colorado NPR Affiliate)


“Recommended. Very tasteful for lovers of both genres.” (Michael Matheny)

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