And ANOTHER Best of 2011 for Bach’s Secret Files… that makes 3!


Another Best of 2011 for Bach’s Secret Files!

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Bach’s Secret Files in Best of 2011


Great things happening on the radio charts! BM4s “Bach’s Secret Files ” has moved up to #75 for all New York-based artists of any genre. Paul Simon still #1.

New York Music Chart | Roots Music Report’s New York Music Chart


Bach’s Secret Files already being featured on 75 Radio Stations

BM4’s latest CD Bach’s Secret Files is proving to be another winner!

DMX online WLNZ Lansing MI
Jazz After Hours online WNMC Traverse City MI
MOJA Radio online WTEB Greenville NC online WNNC Newton NC
KJZZ Mesa AZ WSHA Raleigh NC
KVPR Fresno CA WSNC Winston-Salem NC
KSDS San Diego CA WFDD Winston-Salem NC
KSJS San Jose CA KIOS Omaha NE
KCRW Santa Monica CA KUNM Albuqueque NM
KSVY Sonoma CA KUNV Las Vegas NV
KUVO Denver CO WAMC Albany NY
KUNC Ft. Collins CO WAER Syracuse NY
WWUH W. Hartford CT WBGU Bowling Green OH
WPBI Boynton Beach FL WCPN Cleveland OH
WDNA Miami FL WRUW Cleveland OH
WLRN Miami FL WCBE Columbus OH
WUCF Orlando FL WXTS Toledo OH
WUWF Pensacola FL KLCC Eugene OR
WCLK Atlanta GA KMHD Portland OR
WRFG Atlanta GA WMCE Erie PA
KCCK Cedar Rapids IA WQLN Erie PA
KWIT Sioux City IA WVIA Pittston PA
WXRT Chicago IL WRIU Kingston RI
WGLT Normal IL WUOT Knoxville TN
WVPE Elkhart IN WUMR Memphis TN
WICR Indianapolis IN WFSK Nashville TN
KANU Lawrence KS KAZI Austin TX
WBRH Baton Rouge LA KVLU Beaumont, TX
KLSU Baton Rouge LA KHID Brownsville TX
WTUL New Orleans LA KTEP El Paso TX
WWOZ New Orleans LA KTSU Houston, TX
WMUA Amherst MA WRIR Richmond VA
WFCR Amherst MA WWPV Burlington VT
WMBR Cambridge MA KEWU Cheney WA
WDET Detroit MI KPBX Spokane WA
WGVU Grand Rapids MI KPLU Tacoma WA
WWSP Stevens Point WI


Reviews are in for Bach’s Secret Files!!


“This quartet is on to something quite marvelous: a hybrid interplay between jazz and classical music – even opera – that should please fans of both genres, and expose the separatists to the virtues of each form…delightful…”
Ken Franckling’s Jazznotes
delightful… rich… delicious… dramatic… brilliant… Fans with open ears will be rewarded by hearing these outstanding performances.”
AllMusicGuide (Ken Dryden)
“…a superb marriage of jazz and classical music. Burgstaller’s tone on trumpet is gorgeous and expressive… The virtuosity of these group of musicians allows them to played with comfort either jazz, latin jazz or classical.”
JazzTimes (Wilbert Sostre)


BurgstallerMartignon4 Tours Germany


The BurgstallerMartignon4 toured Germany for 2 weeks for their latest CD release Bach’s Secret Files. They played to packed houses in both traditional classical venues and Jazz Festivals in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Ingolstadt, Aaalen and more. The audiences were incredible, singing along and giving vibrant feedback throughout the music.

“Creates a stirring spell… Combines centuries–separated styles to a new admirable listening experience… A refreshing, extraordinary listening pleasure”
Donau Kurier — Germany
a very entertaining jazz classical mix that served the old and young masters of both genres to all honor.
Augsburger Allegemeine — Germany
“Masterly combined mind and heart”
Schwabische Post

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BM4 Releases New CD “Bach’s Secret Files” on April 12, 2011

Classical music for Jazz fans, Jazz music for Classical lovers!

The River of Night (BACH/BURGSTALLER: Praeludium 999) • A Start To Something (BACH: Praeludium XI) • Have Mercy (BACH: Ebarme Dich) • Aria and Count’s Insomnia (BACH: Goldberg Variations) • Shadow Cutting (SATIE: Gymnopédie 1) • Spanish Haze (RAVEL: Piece En Forme de Habanera) •  Without Words (MENDELSSOHN: Lieder Ohne Worte) • And The Stars Were Shining (PUCCINI: E Lucevan Le Stelle) •  Daydreaming Mambo (DEBUSSY: Rêverie)

Trumpeter Joe Burgstaller (Peabody Institute, formerly of Canadian Brass) and pianist Hector Martignon (Grammy Nominee in Latin Jazz 2009, 2011) team up for their second recording, an adventurous and approachable disc that organically combines Classical and Jazz in inventive re-imaginations.  Joined by Percussionist John Ferrari (Naumburg Award Winner) and Hans Glawischnig (Chick Corea, Ray Baretto), the BM4 has simultaneously ignited the excitement of both Classical and Jazz fans alike. BM4’s first recording, Mozart’s Blue Dreams, debuted directly onto the JazzRadio Charts and was featured on Classical stations all across the U.S.


“Mozart’s Blue Dreams” in rotation on over 100 radio Stations (August 2009)

“Mozart’s Blue Dreams” continues to tear up the radio waves nationwide as it is in regular rotation on over 100 radio stations! Here’s the list… Make sure to support your local classical and jazz radio stations!

WJAB Huntsville AL
KUAZ Tucson AZ
KZYX Boonville CA
KVPR Fresno CA
KSDS San Diego CA
KSJS San Jose CA
KCBX San Luis Obispo CA
KUSP Santa Cruz CA
KCRW Santa Monica CA
KRCB Santa Rosa CA
KSVY Sonoma CA
KCLU Thousand Oaks CA
KUVO Denver CO
KRFC Ft. Collins CO
KUNC Ft. Collins CO
KSUT Ignasio CO
KVNF Paonia CO
WECS Willimantic CT
WWUH W. Hartford CT
WPFW Washington, DC
WXEL Boynton Beach FL
WUFT Gainesville FL
WUCF Orlando FL
WUWF Pensacola FL
WUSF Tampa, FL
WCLK Atlanta GA
WRFG Atlanta GA
WHCJ Savannah GA
KCCK Cedar Rapids IA
WVPE Elkhart IN
WICR Indianapolis IN
WFYI Indianapolis IN
KMUW Wichita KS
WFPK Louisville KY
WBRH Baton Rouge LA
KLSU Baton Rouge LA
WTUL New Orleans LA
WWOZ New Orleans LA
WMUA Amherst MA
WFCR Amherst MA
WMBR Cambridge MA
WTCC Springfield MA
WICN Worchester MA
WYPR Baltimore MD
WEAA Baltimore MD
WERU Searsmont ME
WDET Detroit MI
WKAR E. Lansing MI
WGVU Grand Rapids MI
WCMU/WUCX Mt. Pleasant MI
WNMC Traverse City MI
WBLV Twin Lake MI
WEMU Ypsilanti MI
KBEM Minneapolis, MN
WFSS Fayetteville NC
WTEB Greenville NC
WNNC Newton NC
WSHA Raleigh NC
WFDD Winston-Salem NC
KUNM Albuqueque NM
KSFR Sante Fe NM
KUNV Las Vegas NV
WCDB Albany NY
WBAI New York NY
WGMC N. Greece NY
WITR Rochester NY
WAER Syracuse NY
WBGU Bowling Green OH
WCLV Cleveland OH
WCPN Cleveland OH
WRUW Cleveland OH
WCBE Columbus OH
WXTS Toledo OH
KLCC Eugene OR
KMHD Portland OR
KBOO Portland OR
WDIY Bethlehem PA
WRTI Philadelphia PA
WDUQ Pittsburgh PA
WVIA Pittston PA
WRIU Kingston RI
WUTC Chattanooga TN
WUOT Knoxville TN
WUMR Memphis TN
KAZI Austin TX
KVLU Beaumont TX
KTSU Houston TX
KUER Salt Lake City UT
WTJU Charlottesville VA
WCVE Richmond VA
KBCS Bellevue WA
KEWU Cheney WA
KPBX Spokane WA
WWSP Stevens Point WI

More reviewers LOVING “Mozart’s Blue Dreams” as Radioplay remains very strong (July 2009)

The reviews are coming in for “Mozart’s Blue Dreams”, and …it’s a HIT. We are playing on almost 100 stations now!

“hip and approachable… majestically sublime beauty… marvelous!” (Dan McClenaghan)
“ingenious… ethereal moments of true beauty and genius” (C. Michael Bailey)
“stunning… (Mozart) surely would consider (this) hip if he revisited the planet to jam with them.”
JazzNotes (Ken Franckling)
‘…the entire album can serve as something of a compendium of fusion approaches that have achieved wide currency, as a suggestion for new directions, and as a superior instrumental performance in itself, with Burgstaller’s quiet trumpet stylings. Recommended, and enjoyable…’
“very engaging music, beautifully crafted and likely to please both the jazz and classical listener. Compare it perhaps with Jacques Loussier, The Swingle Singers or Lalo Schiffrin, all of whom have successfully brought the classical and jazz families together.”
Jazz Society of Oregon
“remarkable, incredibly played and delightful”
KUNC 91.5 (Colorado NPR Affiliate)
“Recommended. Very tasteful for lovers of both genres.” (Michael Matheny) raves “ethereal moments of true beauty and genius”, comparing the BM4 with James Galway and Tiempo Libre. (June 2009)

Jazz and classical musics should be friends. They have much in common. It is conceivable that a synthesis of the two could be achieved as successfully as that existing between jazz and rock. These jazz/classical offerings crescendo with the Burgstaller Martignon 4’s Mozart’s Blue Dreams and Other Crossover Fantasies. This is music of phantasm, pretty much beyond description. The group’s “Ave Maria” and ” Oblivion” are ethereal moments of true beauty and genius—like the rest of this recording. read more…

TOP 50 JazzRadio for “Mozart’s Blue Dreams” in Spring/Summer 2009

“Mozart’s Blue Dreams & Other Crossover Fantasies” (Summit Records), the first release from BM4 (BurgstallerMartignon4), has leapt onto the JazzRadio Charts starting in its very first week! #5 most added, #5 increased airplay

Yamaha debuts BM4’s videos in industry leading move (May 2009)

In an industry leading move, Yamaha Corporation of America has debuted the music videos for the new CD “Mozart’s Blue Dreams” from the BurgstallerMartignon4 (BM4). Debuting are three inventive humorous videos featuring music from the Mozart’s Blue Dreams Suite, based on Mozart’s Alla Turca Piano Sonata No. 11. Kurt Witt, marketing manager for Yamaha, also filmed a mockumentary-style (ala The Office) that. along with several behind-the-scenes interview, round out the presentation. You can view Yamaha’s presentation here. Or go to the video page to see the videos in their entirety.

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